SHOT Show 2015

Tuesday Jan 20 – Friday Jan 23, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo)

In January of 2015 on the Friday evening before SHOT show started, the ATF posted a notice at 5pm. it said that the pistol brace when put to your shoulder would constitute a short barrel rifle

In effect suggesting the act of shooting a pistol with a stabilizing brace would be the equivalent of manufacturing a short barrel rifle.
And therefore would require all appropriate registration and taxis

Most of the industry was either at SHOT show or traveling to Las Vegas

We were live that night when the information hit the internet.
So we stayed live as long as possible to let people who were traveling know about the new situation

The next morning we went live again and not for us to keep people aware of this new information and during that live show .

We designed a #BraceThis patch based off of my AR-15 pistol with an A2 carry handle and front sight
We had the patches made up right away

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