Big Gun Show Stuff: SAR Show 2012

Been waiting all year for this Gun Show

The SAR Show is the largest gun show in Arizona and possibly the western USA

SAR stands for “Small Arms Review” the firearms magazine

Their building has manufactures, importers, wholesalers and collectors who bring interesting collectibles no matter what your NFA (title II) tastes

As a collector and fan of military stuff I look forward to this show all year.

Since I couldn’t go last year, I put aside the money I would have spent, then added to it all year. So I was able to get a lot of cool stuff

Show us what YOU got at the SAR show (or your local show) and link your video to this one !!

If you ignore Gun Shows, they WILL go away


Small Arms Review (SAR) Show 2009

Crossroads of the West Gun Show 2009 (SAR Show)

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